Item# UA3029-1

Product Description

SIDE A: Simple Murder - produced by the Beatnuts
SIDE B: Simple Murder Vision Remix - produced by KeyKool
SIDE B: Bonus Beat - produced by the Beatnuts

The Beatnuts have been making an impact on the hip-hop world with their stock-pile of classics on multiple albums, "Intoxicated Demons" (1993), "The Beatnuts" (1994), "Stone Crazy" (1997), "Musical Massacre" (1999), "Take it or Squeeze It" (2001). The exclusive Beatnuts track "Simple Murder," (for the Manhattan Records/Up Above compilation), presents their outstanding production skills and patented lyrical mischievousness.

The Beatnuts produced original version A-side utilizes a bouncy guitar riff accentuating the impish vocals of Juju and Psycho Les.

The B-side "Vision Remix" brings a hard-edged unrelenting beat, establishing a compelling reinterpretation of the song.

The special Bonus Beat produced by the Beatnuts makes this an essential piece for your vinyl collection.