Declaime "Conversations with Dudley " CD
Declaime "Conversations with Dudley " CD
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After dropping “A Lil Light” (Stones Throw) under his real name Dudley Perkins, Declaime released "Converstations with Dudley" on Up Above Records. Unapologetically raw and refreshingly soulful, he renders his heart on this new release, opening the pages of his life to the world.

With an amazing ensemble of beats, the album is composed primarily by producer sensation OHNO the Disruptor, as well as contributions from the beat conductor himself - Madlib. The resulting sound spectrum is enthralling, ranging from smooth chopped-up loops to head-bangin’ heaters. Vocal guest spots include the legendary Lil’ Dap of Group Home, Philly hard-hitter Grand Agent, and fellow 805 compatriots Medaphoar and Wildchild.

People often say that words become a whole new beast when they become a launching pad for a distinctive voice; Declaime does exactly that on this forthcoming project. He invites listeners to share all of his pains, joys, struggles, and triumphs; “Conversations With Dudley” is the culmination.

1. New Thing
2. Judgment
3. Welcome 2 Reality feat. Grand Agent & Lil Dapp of Group Home
4. Heavenbound
5. Conversations feat. M.E.D. aka Medaphoar
6. Song in D Minor
7. Testimony
8. Dearest Desiree
9. Neverending Remix
10. Shine Time
11. Knowledge Born
12. Still Waters
13. Signs feat. Wildchild
14. Enjoy Your Stay
15. Life

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