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Mum's the Word<br>"THE DISTANCE"
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Side A: "Constant Evolution " produced by Mum's The Word feat. Abstract Rude Abstract Rude, of Project Blowed acclaim, lends his unique melodic vocals to a laidback, soulful track courtesy of Mum’s the Word. The end result “CONSTANT EVOLUTION,” a harmonious call to action with personal as well as social relevance.

"The Distance" produced by Mum's The Word feat. Senim Silla of Binary Star Senim Silla paints a vivid a portrait of the world as seen through the eyes of a revolutionary, in this up-tempo social commentary. Mum’s the Word provides the canvas with a progressively hypnotic bass line accentuated by tribal-esque percussion.

"Let'Em Out Remix " produced by Baptman feat. OHNO Up and coming European producer, Baptman, comes with a true head-nodder. Oh No rips with ferocious delivery as the beat builds itself to a chorus-induced climax.