"Let Me" feat. TRUTH ENOLA & DABO (of Nitro Japan)

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"Let Me"
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SIDE A: "Let Me" (featuring Truth Enola & Dabo)
SIDE B: "Baby Girl" (featuring Consequence)

Geology brings his second single to Up Above, (also to be featured on the Manhattan/Up Above Records compilation). Teaming up with Truth Enola (De La Soul family), and Dabo of Def Jam Japan on Side A, Geo brings a entrancing rhythm as the 2 MC's tell of their escapades with women in English/Japanese rhyme bilingualisms.

The soulfully playful "Baby Girl" features the lyrics of Consequence (Q-Tip's cousin, appeared on the A Tribe Called Quest album), layered with an unnamed female vocalist, for more tales (tails?) of the female. Geology pieces together an entertaining single that's a sure club-mover.