LMNO & Yann Kesz
"Devilish Dandruff With Holy Shampoo" CD

LMNO & Yann Kesz<br>"Devilish Dandruff With Holy Shampoo" CD
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LMNO & Yann Kesz team up for a masterpiece collaboration Devilish Dandruff With Holy Shampoo. Throughout his career as a solo artist and a Visionaries member, LMNO has worked with the likes of Madlib, Pete Rock, J.Rocc, OhNo, Jay Dee, Evidence, DJ Khalil, Babu, DJ Rhettmatic, and KeyKool.

The critically acclaimed LMNO & Kev Brown project Selective Hearing was a near perfect pairing of LMNO's conscious lyrics and vintage Kev Brown production. Staying the course of diligently honing his craft and working with some of the world's best, LMNO's partnering with Yann Kesz, one of France's premier emerging producers, has generated arguably LMNO's best work to date.

The album features special guest appearances by: Kev Brown, Karim Nazem, Lorett Fleur, LD, and JFK of Grayskul

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