Mum's The Word "People Keep Movin'"

Mum's The Word "People Keep Movin'"
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Mums The Word is responsible for putting the LA Underground on the map! With his second solo effort, "People Keep Movin'" made Mums a force to be reckoned with worldwide. Originally released in May 2003, Mums hooked us up with a couple copies to spread to ya'll...

Produced By: Mums The Word

1. Intro - Moving
2. From Dusk til' Dawn ft. Otherwize
3. Know... ft. Natty Roots & LMNO
4. Interlude Beat 1
5. Due Credit ft. Emanon
6. Interlude Beat 2
7. My X-Box Rules/The Touch ft. Murs
8. Behold ft. Bleu Collar
9. Interlude Beat 3
10. What's The Word ft. Kazi, Oh No, MED
11. Generation X(OLO) ft. Xololanxinxo
12. Jack's Night ft. Wildchild
13. Complete ft. Visionaries
14. Against The Grain ft. The Epidemic Massive
15. People Keep Movin' ft. LMNO
16. All Is Nothing ft. Emanon