Once Again

SonGodSuns aka 2Mex<br>"Once Again"
SonGodSuns aka 2Mex
"Once Again"
Item# UPA3080-1

Product Description

The lead-single from the SONGODSUNS (aka 2mex of the Visionaries) album “OVER THE COUNTER CULTURE,” Up Above Records.


Side A: "Once Again" produced by Polyhedron

Under the moniker of SonGodSuns, 2Mex (of the Visionaries) delivers an adrenaline knocker that promises to keep heads bangin’. (Includes Rock Remix)

Side B: "Big Beat Walk Through " featuring Jean Grae produced by DJ Khalil

In a powerful meeting of minds, West Coast-mainstay 2Mex and East Coast-favorite Jean Grae exchange verses over a backdrop from producer sensation DJ Khalil.