"Couch Potato"

VISIONARIES<br>"Couch Potato"
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Product Description

"Couch Potato" produced by Rhettmatic

This Visionaries single was the first of four singles from their debut album "Galleries" featuring the melodic vocalizations of Writer's Block MC's Dannu and Lord Zen complimenting the mood of DJ Rhettmatic's soulful rhythm.

(BONUS TRACK 1) Audio Screen Part I produced by Keykool

This non-album bonus cut is a two part song, with Part II on the next Visionaries single. Based on the movie Pulp Fiction, each MC bases subject matter on a character in the movie. On Part I, 2Mex rhymes from the perspective of the contents within the briefcase in the Pulp Fiction, (which is said to be the Holy Grail), and KeyKool parallels his life as an MC to "The Boxer" character played by Bruce Willis in the movie.

(BONUS TRACK 2) “Revision" produced by KeyKool (U.S. release only) This song was added on the U.S. pressing. The entire single was released first in Japan in 1997, but the U.S. and World release for the album was delayed for almost a year, and the group added a new non-album song to the plate.