"Sophomore Jinx" 2LP

Visionaries<br>"Sophomore Jinx" 2LP
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Product Description

Groups are often plagued by the pressures of producing a second effort, and fall to the "Jinx" of releasing a mediocre "Sophomore" follow-up. Visionaries cleverly title their second album "Sophomore Jinx," and whisk past the pressures of "topping" their first album, and create a work simply for the love of creation. The glimmering track on "LA Fresh" echoes sunny Southern California with lyrics commemorating life in the county of Los Angeles. "Come One Come All" fuses verses of fury by Lord Zen and 2Mex (vocal), and the incorporation of a Rhettmatic scratch verse over a double-time Key Kool rhythm. "Self-Sufficient" is an anthem for independence, utilizing the lyrics of the N.W.A. classic, "Gangsta Gangsta," and twisting them to pertain to hip-hop and the b-boy/b-girl mentality. Dilated Junkie, Babu brings production on the bouncy "Making Things Right," and the Funky President JROCC contributes on "Honorable Mention." Studio engineer and producer, Mum's the Word steps in on the airy moving crowd favorite "Reach," while C.V.E.'s (Project Blowed/Afterlife) Ridlore's "Everyone is Lying" is on some next ish. The 19 songs of "Sophomore Jinx" are layered with spiritual and cryptic messages. One dimensional listening will not do this record justice. Labeled by some as an album that may be "too ahead of its time," listeners with an open heart, mind, and clear vision will understand and rejoice in this celebration of life and music.

For vinyl heads, this album is a double-LP insuring the best quality sound and warmth when listening on your analog system. The picture cover has a nice matte-finish, perfect for sharpie signing...

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