"Together or Separate"

VISIONARIES<br>"Together or Separate"
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Product Description

SONG 1: "Together or Separate" (exclusive Remix) produced by DJ Khalil
SONG 2: "Come One Come All" produced by KeyKool
SONG 3: "Peace Mic" produced by Rhettmatic

This exclusive non-album "Together or Separate" remix brings the talents of Self Scientific's DJ Khalil's production to the plate, with all new lyrics. Lord Zen, 2Mex, and DJ Rhettmatic trade off verses (Rhett with scratch verses of course), over a double time KeyKool track for the rhythmically engaging "Come One Come All." DJ Rhettmatic brings the energetic boom-bap track for MC's Dannu, LMNO, and KeyKool to pass around the "Peace Mic."