X Clan
"The One"

X Clan<br>"The One"
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Widely considered one of the most influential groups in hip-hop history, the legendary X-Clan introduced a new era of conscious music to the world in the 90’s, transcending the mainstream with a message of social justice and enlightenment. Brother J, the commanding voice of X-Clan, now presents the powerful lead-off single from the forthcoming X-Clan Millenium Cipher album, re-introducing the signature style and sound that continues to move the masses.

track listing

Side A:

1. The One produced by "Ultraman"

Amidst an imposingly-dark and daunting backdrop, Brother J’s deep and empowering delivery once again brings forth a worldwide “wake up call.”

Side B:

1. Blackwards Row produced by "Ultraman"

This funk-infused flipside shows the versatility that has made X-Clan’s message of upliftment relevant to all generations of hip-hop.